Digital Marketing News Recap

Sorry to put you in the spotlight💡, but we know you haven’t been updating your GMB account regularly…😳

Don’t care to? What if we told you Google announced GMB posts will now expire every 6 months. Now you care? Thought so 😆!

We’re covering this story and more in this week’s digital marketing news recap! 👇

👉 If you’re a Shopify merchant in the U.S, you’re in luck! Twitter and Shopify partnered, so now you can easily sync your products, reach more customers, and rack in the dough! 🛍

👉 Uh oh, the share of creative skills on LinkedIn has decreased by 32% 📉

👉 Get your fingers ready for some more typing, you’ll soon be able to post Tweets with more than 280 characters! ⌨️

👉 Stop neglecting your GMB account, 🛑 they have a new 6-month expiry date ☠️

👉 Start pushing for more Google reviews from your customers; local service ads reviews requirements have changed from 1️⃣ to 5️⃣ reviews

Have any of these stories made you re-think your digital marketing strategy 🤔? Let us know which one(s) in the comments below!👇

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