Meet Jet! Developer at Konstruct Digital

It’s time to introduce you to another #KTeam new hire! Meet Jet, the latest addition to our development team! 💻

What does Jet love most about being a developer? Being innovative, creative, and solving challenging problems. When it comes to development, Jet believes that no roadblock is too big! 👊

Here are some of our favourite fun facts about Jet:

1️⃣ Jet loves to teach and learn and previously worked as a college instructor teaching introductory topics on Computer Science! 🖥️

2️⃣ His favourite hobbies are going to the gym 💪 and taking long bike rides. 🚲

3️⃣ He’s also an avid gamer! 🎮 👾 His favourite games are League of Legends and Valorant. 

We’re so pleased to welcome Jet on our team! Help us give him a warm welcome in the comments below. 👇

Can you believe we still have more new #KTeam members to introduce to you?? Keep an eye out for more in the next few weeks! 🙌

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