COVID-19 Updates for Google My Business

With so many businesses 🏬 being affected by COVID-19, Google has added some new functionalities to Google My Business to make communicating with your customers easier. ⠀

It is now possible to mark your business as temporarily closed ⛔️ on your Google My Business listing. This will display a warning that your business is closed in Google Maps 📍 and keep people off the streets for the time being. It’ll prevent your customers from traveling to your business before discovering it is closed and keep more people at home! ⠀

Google has also added the “COVID-19” 📰 post type to Google My Business listings. This enables you to give your customers updates about any changes to your business operations due to COVID-19. You can include a button ☑️ with a link to a phone number to provide your customers with additional information.⠀

It’s awesome to see Google giving businesses the right tools in these trying times to keep everyone informed 🙌 about what is going on in the outside world. With more people choosing to self-isolate, this is critical information that will keep people from what would otherwise cause unnecessary contact with others. ⠀

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