25 Click Magnet Words to Increase Your Conversions

In a world of scrolling, it’s no surprise that not many people actually read through your content… 

BUT by lacing power words throughout your content, you’ll keep people intrigued, so they want to read more.. and more.. and more.

What is a power word?  Power words are catchy little words that can be slipped into descriptions, headlines and more. They trigger us (in a good way) and get us to click on ads, blog posts, products or whatever they are applied to. 

Power words hinge on two big factors: evoking emotion and triggering curiosity. 👀

We’ve come up with 25 ‘Click Magnet’ words to help you increase your conversions. 😎

General Click Magnets

  1. “You”
  2. “New”
  3. “Because”
  4. “Instantly”
  5. “Free”

Blog Post Click Magnets:

  1. “Proven Strategies”
  2. “Easy”
  3. “Never”
  4. “Convert”
  5. “How to”

Social Media Click Magnets: 

  1. “Secret” 
  2. “Hacks” 
  3. “Mistakes”
  4. “Tricks”
  5. “Increase” 

E-commerce Click Magnets 

  1. “Free Shipping”
  2. “Lowest Price”
  3. “X% off”
  4. “Limited Offer”
  5. “Only X left”

Sign-Up Form Click Magnets: 

  1. “Exclusive Offers”
  2. “Become an insider”
  3. “Be the first to know”
  4. “No strings attached:
  5. “Come along”

What are your favourite power words? Let us know in the comments below! 👇

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