Clean Up Your Twitter Feed with Lists

Do you find your Twitter feed to be a little overwhelming at times? We know we sure do!

The regular news feed can feel like a big mess of tweets about trending tags, mentions, conversations, and random banter amongst other users.

Thankfully, Twitter’s list feature can help you see what you want on Twitter when you want to see it!

To get started, click “Lists” on the left menu bar. Next, click “Create a List.”

Give your list a name, description, and determine if you want it to be private or not. Keep this topical, for the sake of this example; we’re going to make a list for people in the SEO industry that we like to follow.

After that, you’ll be able to search for anyone you’d like to add to your list.
Once, you’ve picked who you want in it, click “Done”!

Now, when you return to the lists menu, you’ll have a list of the people you want to keep tabs on, and you’ll be able to have your feed organized accordingly.

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