Are Your Ad Campaigns Boosting Your Competitors’ Brand Awareness?

Did you know 57% of brands increase the brand awareness of their COMPETITORS with their Facebook ad campaigns? 🤯

The reason: lack of branding!

Without clear branding in your ad campaigns, the most prominent brand in your niche reaps the rewards of your ad investments. 👎

Focusing solely on your products does not create brand recognition. Instead, Facebook recommends you do the following to build your brand WHILE driving direct response: 

1️⃣ Establish your brand identity early (even when highlighting product benefits). 

2️⃣ Use an established colour palette or presentation format.

3️⃣ Build creative assets for mobile experiences → This is associated with a 2x higher brand awareness lift than nonoptimized creative!

It’s time to stop paying your competitors’ bills! ✋

While up-front branding may not always seem important, it’s essential to build your brand identity and distinguish your brand from others. 👍




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