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Audience Sharing in Google Ads Made Easier

This Google Ads feature is SUPER cool! 😎⠀
You can now enable continuous audience sharing on your Google Ads accounts! ⠀
It used to be a really tedious 🙇 process that required several steps to share remarketing lists. It required manual input with each sub-account. Now it is as simple as changing a setting in the manager account. ⠀
Google has stated that in the near future, you’ll also have the option to share lists created in sub-accounts with your manager account. 👍⠀
If you have a number of sub-accounts for various business locations, franchises, or the like, this could be a game-changer for your Google Ads 📊 campaigns. ⠀
At Konstruct Digital, we stay up to date with the latest features and updates in the PPC world so we can deliver game-changing results for our clients’ campaigns! ⠀
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