Arianna’s Top 5 LinkedIn Growth Tips

Are you ready to GROW your LinkedIn audience & engagement? πŸš€ With 2 million posts, articles and videos published daily, it’s time for you to master the LinkedIn platform (especially if you’re a B2B company!). βœ¨

Our Social Media & Content Intern, Arianna Healing, compiled her top 5 LinkedIn tips that can help your business grow! πŸš€

🌟Create high-quality content 

After publishing content, LinkedIn reviews it and places it within 3️⃣ buckets: spam, low quality, and high quality. Spam content gets trashed, and high-quality content gets a wider reach! 

To LinkedIn, high-quality content is…

βœ… easy to read

βœ… engaging

βœ… uses solid keywords 

βœ… discusses niche topics  

🌟 Tag relevant profiles 

Tagging relevant profiles can encourage engagement from tagged users. Once the user engages in the post, it shows up on their follower’s feeds, ultimately helping your post grow. πŸ“ˆ (Notice how we tagged Ari in this post? πŸ˜‰)

🌟 Add external links after publishing

When creating content, it’s important to link back to your website or related topics. However, LinkedIn doesn’t value posts that have external links because they don’t want users to leave their platform. 

Here’s the hack: ➑️ If you add external links, either leave them in the comments or edit your post to add them after publishing.  πŸ”—

🌟 Use around 5 hashtags per post

LinkedIn MIGHT mark posts with more than 5 hashtags as spam. This will trash your content, and you are unlikely to achieve as much engagement and growth on your post. #️⃣

🌟 Don’t leave social out of social media…seriously!

Create engaging captions and content for your viewers. This can be achieved by asking your viewers questions and encouraging them to share their opinions in the comments. ✨

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