Are You Posting Content on Your Google My Business Profile?

Are you posting content on your Google My Business listing?

Google lets business owners share content on their Google My Business Listing. This is a great place to highlight new products, showcase new events, announce sales, and share updates about your company to people that are searching for your business on Google.

You can post photos, gifs or create text posts to be displayed on your Google My Business listing.

Google even gives your the ability to add call to action buttons to your posts! You can entice users to buy something, sign up, learn more, make a reservation, or claim an offer with the available CTAs.

Once you’ve verified your Google My Business listing, you’ll see an option that says “Posts” in the left sidebar. It will open this interface.

However, you need to consider a few things when creating content for your Google My Business listing:
Google allows you to use a maximum of 300 characters per post.
If you use a CTA, a 70 character preview of your post will appear on the search results page.
The display size is a minimum of 400x300px. Images use a 4:3 ratio.
Focus your content on what you want customers to see in search results.
Google posts disappear every seven days!

That’s how to posting content to your Google My Business profile works in a nutshell! Remember, this is an opportunity to present unique content to users that could influence their purchase decision. Craft timely and engaging content to catch their attention. Thanks for reading!

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