Are You Creating The Right Kind of Content for Your Audience?

Are you creating the right kind of content for your audience?

With the latest algorithm updates to Instagram, you may have noticed that there has been a decline in engagement. The algorithm wants to see users engaging with your content before it’s shown to more users.

There are many different variables that go into creating engaging content, but you should always look into what kind of content your audience is engaging with first.

On Instagram, if you open your notifications then swipe right to see the following tab, you can see what kind of content your audience is liking, commenting on, and who they’re following.

Analyze what you see. What kind of content do you see in the following tab? Is it mostly realistic photos, people, faces, or text posts?

Take those findings and create more of that style of content. Knowing what your audience is engaging with is a critical part of tweaking your campaigns to cater to your audience.

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