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Picture of Steven Orechow, new SEO Specialist and his dog Felix. Dog emoji, mountain emoji, and flame emoji also featured.

Meet Our New SEO Specialist, Steven

Digital Marketing News Recap

Digital Marketing News Recap

We’re Hiring: Digital Strategist & Copywriter

Instagram Updated its Algorithm to Put More Focus on Original Content

The Truth About Blog Content Lengths

Meet Our New Digital Strategist, Sheldon

detective holding magnifying glass

4 Google Ads Myths

Digital Marketing News Recap

Why Your Website Should Be Optimized for Mobile

The #KTeam Competed in a Human Bonspiel Event!


Meet Our New PPC Specialist, Elizabeth

new hire post maya

Meet Our New Social Media & Content Specialist, Maya

Valentine’s Day SEO Pick-up Lines

6 Brands That Are Killing it on TikTok

We’re Hiring a Digital Marketing Strategist

The Average Shelf Life of Different Types of Content

2022 Digital Marketing Trends Predictions

We’re Hiring a PPC Specialist & a Content Specialist!

The Fall of Clubhouse & The Rise of Clubhouse Clones

The Future of Instagram in 2022

Meet Our New Web Developer, Lucky!

Year In Review: Top Google Search Trends in 2021

Snapchat Virtual Holiday Stores

What is Keyword Intent & Why is it Important?

Top 5 Social Media Design Tips From Our Designer

Joe Exotic’s Illicit SEO Strategies

How to Marry SEO and CRO

The Digital Marketing Red Flags

Become a Social Media Algorithm Master

Meet Our New Digital Strategist, Joe!

Shopify and Mailchimp have Rekindled Their Romance!

Social Media Platforms & Their Own Social Media Accounts

The Awakening of the DEAD Social Media Platforms

Facebook Has Officially Changed Its Name

Would You Survive?

Online Reviews Are About to Get More Trustworthy

Meet Our New Content & Social Media Intern, Britt!

If The Seinfeld Characters Worked at a Digital Marketing Agency

Facebook Updated Their Organic Post Testing Tool

Two people holding graduation caps with the text "our interns have graduated"

The Konstruct Interns Have Been Promoted!

Here’s the Recipe for the Perfect Caption Sandwich

Google Launches Web Stories

Google Launches Web Stories That Will Help Improve Your SEO!

Meet Elaine! Our New Designer at Konstruct Digital

5 Key Instagram Stories Tips You Need To Use

This Post Was Written By AI

This Post Was Written By Artificial Intelligence!

The Digital Marketer’s Guide to Black Friday

Google Had Thousands of Search Updates in 2020

Link Building Tips

Top 5 Ways to Create Linkable Content to Help You Gain Extra Traffic!

Arianna’s Top 5 LinkedIn Growth Tips

Instagram Sponsored Product Listings Feature

Google Explains How They Generate Page Titles

We Are Hiring Social Media & Content Intern and SEO Specialist

We’re Hiring: SEO Specialist and Social Media & Content Intern

Facebook Users are Saying “NO” to Tracking

Top 5 Facebook Ads Tips From Our PPC Specialist

Meet the Interns!

Hiring for Digital Strategist & Web Developer

We’re Hiring: Digital Strategist & Web Developer

If the characters in Parks & Rec worked at a digital marketing agency

Emojis in SEO

Digital Marketing Olympics: Who Are The Champions?

Digital Marketing Recap: Episode 3

How Google Ranks

Google Finally Shares Why It Ranks Specific Search Results!

social media plus seo

The Digital Marketing Dream Team: Social Media and SEO!

Avoid Making This Simple SEO Mistake!


KTeam’s Stampede Reunion


World Emoji Day!

Meet Alicia, PPC Specialist

Meet Alicia! PPC Specialist at Konstruct Digital

Detective Denise Solves The Mystery of Low Conversion Rates

5 CRO Tips to Help You Increase Conversions

If Friends characters world at a digital marketing agency

If the Characters in Friends Worked at a Digital Marketing Agency…

Meet Jet, Developer

Meet Jet! Developer at Konstruct Digital

Instagram Likes Update

New Instagram ‘Likes’ Update Lets Users Choose Like Count Display

A child saying, "MUUUM!! I need help with a question!"

Google MUM: Bring On the Complex Questions!

Digital Marketing News Recap Episode 2

Digital Marketing News Recap: Episode 2

Meet Anna, Digital PR Specialist

Meet Anna! Digital PR Specialist at Konstruct Digital

Will Google's latest update reward your content?

Google KELM: Will it Reward Or Penalize Your Content?

Top 5 Local SEO Tips from our SEO Specialist, Brady Bateman

Top 5 Local SEO Tips from Our SEO Specialist

5 reasons your landing pages don't convert

5 Reasons Your Landing Pages Don’t Convert

Join our Social Media and Content Team

We’re Hiring! Join Our Social Media & Content Team

Meet Aiesha Content & Social Media Specialist

Meet Aiesha! Content & Social Media Specialist at Konstruct Digital

The little devil in the details that you've been ignoring

Local Justifications: The Devil in the Details You’ve Been Ignoring

25 Click Magenet Words to Increase Your Conversions

25 Click Magnet Words to Increase Your Conversions

Don't make these off-page SEO mistakes

Don’t Make These 5 Off-Page SEO Mistakes

2 show stopping Instagram and Facebook advertising updates

2 Showstopping Instagram and Facebook Advertising Updates

Is your business ready for the roaring 20s?

Is Your Business Ready For The Roaring 2020s?

Meet Brady SEO Specialist

Meet Brady! SEO Specialist at Konstruct Digital

If The Office was a digital marketing agency

If The Office Was a Digital Marketing Agency…

Digital marketing news recap

Digital Marketing News Recap: Google “Page Experience” Update, FLoC, and more!

Meet Denise, Digital Strategist

Meet Denise! Digital Strategist at Konstruct Digital

Top 5 Google Ads tips from our PPC Specialist, Grace You Li

Top 5 Google Ads Tips from Our PPC Specialist

Avoid This Google My Business Mistake

Avoid This Google My Business Mistake

The most popular social media platforms in 2021

The Most Popular Social Media Platforms in 2021

5 New Twitter Ad Categories

5 New Twitter Ad Categories to Check Out Now

Us learning about the Google 'zero-click' search drama

Recap of the Google ‘Zero-Click’ Searches Drama

Clubhouse vs. the Clubhouse copycats

Clubhouse Copycats: 4 Clubhouse-like Features in the Works

Breaking news: SEO is DEAD

SEO is DEAD!… or is it?

How This Company Built Almost 70 Backlinks with an April Fools Prank

Genius Aprils Fools Day Link Building Hack

Stop Boosting Your Competitor's Brand Awareness With Your Ad Campaigns

Are Your Ad Campaigns Boosting Your Competitors’ Brand Awareness?

Top 5 tips for improving organic click through rates

5 Tips for Improving Your Organic Click-Through Rates

#Fastfact: Featured snippets take up 50% or more of mobile screens

How to Optimize Your Content for Featured Snippets

Join Our Team

We’re Hiring! Join Our Ambitious & Fast-Growing Digital Marketing Team

US E-Commerce on track to hit $1 Trillion by 2022

US E-Commerce Expected to Hit $1 Trillion in 2022

Meet Grace PPC Specialist

Meet Grace! PPC Specialist at Konstruct Digital

4 common SEO myths to ignore in 2021

4 Common SEO Myths to Ignore in 2021

ranking factor showdown: Core Web Vitals vs. Relevance

Google Ranking Factor Showdown: Core Web Vitals vs. Relevance

Top 5 tips for repurposing blog content

5 Tips for Repurposing Your Blog Content

What's the Deal with Clubhouse?

4 Ways to Use Clubhouse for Business Growth

Meet Jaeger! Digital Strategist at Konstruct Digital

Meet Jaeger! Digital Strategist at Konstruct Digital

We're hiring: Content & Social Media Coordinator

We’re Hiring! Content & Social Media Coordinator

new TikTok online shopping tools for 2021

TikTok Unveils New Online Shopping Tools for 2021

Congrats to our client Souper Cubes for getting a deal on Shark Tank

Congrats to Souper Cubes on Their Shark Tank Deal!

5 Common Blogging Mistakes You're Probably Making

5 Common Blogging Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Google Ads Broad Match Modified Keywords

Google Ads is Saying Goodbye to Broad Match Modified Keywords

What makes a good SEO audit? SEO audit tools vs. SEO specialist

SEO Audit Tools vs. SEO Specialists: Which is better for SEO Audits?

Meet Tryphena! Digital Strategist

Meet Tryphena! Digital Strategist at Konstruct Digital

President Biden holding a laptop with the WordPress logo on the screen

New WhiteHouse.gov Website is Relaunched on WordPress

Top 4 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools

Top 4 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools

Google is testing new privacy-friendly substitute to cookies

Google’s FLoC: A Privacy-Friendly Substitute to Cookies?

Top 5 Web Design Tips from our Designer, Wesley Lean Mariano

Top 5 Web Design Tips from Our Designer

5 Instagram SEO Hacks

5 Instagram SEO Hacks to Boost Your Discoverability

Brian Pollock, Developer at Konstruct Digital

Meet Brian! Developer at Konstruct Digital

Apple's Identifier for Advertisers is Dead

Apple’s IDFA Update: A Nightmare for Digital Advertisers

4 new Facebook page updates

Facebook Dropped 4 New Facebook Page Updates

A WhatsApp man saying, "Give Facebook your data, or else!"

How the WhatsApp Ultimatum Could Affect Your Business

Meet Kim! Digital Strategist

Meet Kim! Digital Strategist at Konstruct Digital

Top 5 Social Media Tips for 2021 from our Content & Social Media Specialist Hannah von Rothkirch

Top 5 Social Media Tips for 2021

Google Question Hub: A New Tool for Content Ideas

Google Question Hub: A New Tool for Content Ideas

Mark Zuckerberg holding a paper that says "You've been served!"

How the Facebook Lawsuit Could Affect Your Business

Snapchat broadens Ecommerce offerings with Bitmoji fashion

Snapchat Expands Bitmoji Clothing Options

How to choose your Google Ads Keyword Match Type

How to Choose Your Google Ads Keyword Match Type

A Year in review: Top Google Search Trends in 2020

Top Google Search Trends in 2020

Merry Christmas from our team to yours

Merry Christmas from the #KTeam

Instagram Launches Shopping in Reels

Instagram Reels Are Now “Shoppable”!

Linkedin launches new product pages

Linkedin Launches New Product Pages

Google Shopping Gift Guide highlights products based on search trends

New Google Shopping Gift Guide Based on Search Trends

Top 5 SEO tips from our SEO Specialist Sahil Gumber

Top 5 SEO Tips From Our SEO Specialist

A rollercoaster with an arrow that says "Your search rankings"

New Google Core Update is a Rollercoaster for Search Rankings!

Extra! Extra! Google Maps Launches News Feed Feature

Extra! Extra! Google Maps launches a Local News Feed

digital marketing survival kit

5 Digital Marketing Tools We Would Bring to a Deserted Island

Insatgram Keyword Search Update

Keyword Optimize Your Captions! New Instagram Keyword Search Function

Arrow pointing to girl who is sick that says "your website's core web vitals" and an arrow pointing to a girl who is healthy that says "ideal core web vitals"

Google Announces Core Web Vitals Will Become Ranking Signals!

swipe for something awesome

Take Advantage of Swiping Habits with Carousel Posts

A man wearing a Shopify shirt and a cape.

Konstruct Digital is a Shopify Expert!

#Fastfact: 83% of Pinners have made a purchase based on content they saw on Pinterest

New Pinterest Tools to Help Merchants Boost Sales

Webinar: The Conversion Rate Optimization Checklist with Amanda Thomas and Matt Cox

Upcoming Webinar: Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization Checklist

4 Facebook Advertising Updates for the Holiday Shopping Season

4 New Facebook Advertising Updates

Google URL2Video turns webpages into short videos

Google’s URL2Video Turns Webpages Into Video Content

Mr. Rogers and the title: "Won't you be my Facebook Neighbour?

Facebook Tests New Neighbourhoods Feature

TikTok + Shopify

TikTok + Shopify = New Match Made in Heaven ❤️

Judge Judy saying "Google is bad. Very bad."

New Google Lawsuit Could Change Digital Marketing

welcome to our new COVID-friendly office

Welcome to Our New COVID-Friendly Office

what are the new Google search updates?

Exciting New Google Search Updates!

should your business use LinkedIn Stories?

Should Your Business Use LinkedIn Stories?

conversion rate optimization checklist webinar

Register Now: Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization Webinar

Google rolls out free product listings worldwide

Google Expands Free Product Listings Worldwide

KTeam New Hire: Naomi Osborne

#KTeam New Hire: Naomi Osborne

#fastfact: 1.4 billion people use Facebook groups every month

How to use Facebook Groups for your Business

We're Hiring! If you're awesome, please apply.

Now Hiring Awesome Digital Marketers

happy 10th birthday Instagram

Happy 10th Birthday, Instagram!

Introducing Shoploop: An entertaining new way for consumers to shop online

Introducing Google’s Shoploop: A New Way to Shop Online

Welcome Sahil Gumber, SEO Specialist

#KTeam New Hire: Sahil Gumber

Our top 5 Favourite Digital Marketing Podcasts

Happy International Podcast Day!

YouTube announce dynamic lineups that provide marketers with advanced contextual targeting options

YouTube Introduces Dynamic Lineups for Advanced Contextual Ad Targeting

email app icon with a notification from Facebook

Facebook is Testing New Email Marketing Tools

KISS Band with the quote "Marketing is telling the world you're a rockstar. Content marketing is showing the world you are one."

How to be a Content Marketing Rockstar

#Kteam new hire Hannah von Rothkirch content & social media specialist

#KTeam New Hire: Hannah von Rothkirch

Clutch 2020 top B2B SEO company award for Konstruct Digital

Clutch Selects Konstruct Digital as a 2020 Top SEO Company

Influencer marketing statistic: 63% of consumer's trust influencers' opinion of product much more than what brands say about themselves

How to Take Advantage of Influencer Marketing

sea-friendly page title checklist

SEO-Friendly Page Title Checklist

Your blog can beat the #1 search result by optimizing your content for Google's featured snippets

How to Optimize Blog Posts for Google’s Featured Snippets

Brittany Lemoine #KTeam new hire

#KTeam New Hire: Brittany Lemoine

Instagram Checkout Available for US Businesses

New Instagram Feature: Instagram Checkout

Instagram Reels iPhone

New Instagram Feature: Instagram Reels

Konstruct Digital Testimonial The Bio Flame

A Match Made in SEO-Heaven: The Bio Flame Testimonial

Konstruct Digital Charles-Antoine Lanthier

#KTeam New Hire: Charles-Antoine Lanthier

industry expert content creation tips

Insider Content Creation Tips!

Shopify CRO Tips

Boost Your Shopify Store CRO (Part 2/2)

GMB premium

New GMB Premium Option

shopify CRO

Boost Your Shopify Store CRO (Part 1/2)

Max Halleran

#KTeam Feature: Max Halleran

GoogleBot checks pricing on eCommerce stores

GoogleBot Checks That The Price is Right

YouTube tests TikTok-style video features

YouTube is Testing TikTok Style Videos

Instagram see all stories view feature

Instagram Stories Take-Over

Google Cleans Up Search Results

Google Cleans Up Search Results

linkedin business page follower analytics

LinkedIn Business Page Follower Analytics is Back!


#TipTuesday Use Pinterest to Blow Up Your Visual Content

Google adds messages to maps and search

Google Plays a Bigger Role in the Buyer Journey


New YouTube Ad Features


#TipTuesday: Build Backlinks with Google Alerts

Twitter is Testing Stories With Fleets

Twitter Testing Stories With “Fleets”

#KTeam Feature: Katrine Sorensen


Optimize Your Meta Descriptions

Reflecting on Our 2020 Social Media Predictions

Recent Google My Business Updates

Facebook Ad Tips for Creating and Optimizing Campaigns

Keyword Refinement in Google Keyword Planner

Optimize the Anchor Text on Internal Links

#KTeam Feature: CJ Wesstrom

Instagram is Testing Two Rows of Stories

Google is Adding Additional Factors to Measure Page Experience Next Year

Google Search Keyword Research Hack

Facebook Testing Mid-Roll In-Stream Video Ads

Chrome Will Start Blocking Resource-Heavy Ads Soon

#KTeam Feature: Valerie Sergienko

Facebook and Instagram Shops Available Soon

Konstruct Recognized as One of The Top Digital Agencies in Calgary

Facebook Messenger Guest Chat

Optimize Your Content for LinkedIn’s “Dwell Time” Metric

Gift Card and Donation Links in Google My Business Profiles

#KTeam Feature: Joel Messner

Don’t Optimize Your Facebook Ads Too Soon!

Crazy Hat Day!

May 2020 Google Core Search Algorithm Update

How to Write Better Ad Copy

New Potential Reach Measure in Facebook Ad Library

Google’s Shopping Tab Listings Will Be Free Soon!

Build The Ultimate Email Campaign

May The Fourth Be With You!

#KTeam Feature: Matt Cox

Get More Leads from Your Contact Us CTAs

Joe Exotic’s Illicit SEO Strategy

Instagram Live Streams Are Now Viewable on The Web

Some Google My Business Functionalities are Currently Offline

Tidy up Your Instagram Captions with Line Breaks

Facebook Enables Businesses to Offer Digital Gift Cards

How to Crush it on TikTok!

Facebook Helps Businesses Respond to the COVID-19 Outbreak

How to Beat The LinkedIn Algorithm

Featured Snippet Position Changes in Search Results

Helpful Tips for Zoom Meetings!

Digital Marketing Tips for COVID-19

COVID-19 Updates for Google My Business

LinkedIn Conversation Ads

Konstruct’s New Co-Workers!

Grow Your Company Page Audience on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Stories Coming Soon!

Google is Moving to Mobile-First Indexing

Audience Sharing in Google Ads Made Easier

New Instagram Following Lists!

How to Run an Instagram Follows Campaign

No More Stock Photos in Google My Business Posts!

Hide The Hashtags in Your Instagram Story!

7 Signs You’re Using LinkedIn Wrong

Instagram is Starting to Beat Facebook

Updates to The Google Ads Change History Report

Facebook Ads Tip: The “Engaged Shoppers” Purchase Behaviour

See Your Website Through Google’s Eyes

Quick Notes: Google Webmaster Hangout February 2020

Instagram Answers Questions About Their Algorithm!

Determine Where Your Featured Snippet Would Rank Organically

Chrome Blocks All Ads on Sites Showing Disruptive Video Ads

More Featured Snippet Changes Coming Soon

How to Kickstart a New Facebook Group

Google Announces “My Business Provider” Program

Featured Snippets De-Duplicated

Customize Facebook Ad Creative by Placement

You Can Now Follow Topics on Twitter!

Track Foot Traffic in Google Analytics

Google’s Choose Area Feature

TikTok Could Have New Competitors in 2020!

A Decline in Instagram User Growth

Spy on Your Competitors Facebook Ads

WhatsApp Ads Coming in 2020

SEO Trends for 2020

Delete Your Old Hashtags!

Google’s Year in Search 2019

Konstruct Christmas Open House

See PPC Ads That Are Targeted at Different Cities


Ling’s Cars: Going Against The Grain With Web Design

Instagram Explains Their Explore Page Algorithm

Test Your Schema Structured Data

Facebook Brand Safety Controls

Find Out Which Tools Your Competitors Are Using

Google Quietly Releases Combined Audience Targeting

TikTok hits 1.5 Billion Downloads

Spy on Your Competitors with Facebook

Banner Ads Turn 25 Years Old!

Check Your Page Speed!

Chrome Warns Users About Slow Sites

A Farewell to Flash Player

New Speed Report in Search Console

Check Your Google Analytic Tags

Social Media Ad Spend is Expected to Surpass Print Ad Spend in 2019!

Google Chrome Link Building Hack

A Quote About Social Media Growth

Check for Mixed Content Warnings with Chrome

BERT is Coming

Client Success Stat: Strategic Group

Give Your SEO a Sanity Check with Lighthouse

Google is Testing Lead Form Extensions

Use Facebook’s Instant Forms to Generate Leads

Instagram Introduces Threads

Optimize Your Facebook Ads with Day Parting

Google’s Change of Address Tool Makes a Comeback!

Instagram’s Restrict Feature

Facebook Tests Hiding Likes

Facebook Ad Hack: Target a Facebook Group

Breadcrumbs Report in Search Console

Google Announces Another Broad Core Algorithm Update

Adding Schema to Your Website

Google Has Made Rich Review Results More Helpful

Interact With Your Target Market to Build Engagement on Instagram

Preview Your Mobile Website in Chrome

Changes to Google My Business Profiles with Service Areas

Clean Up Your Twitter Feed with Lists

How Accurate is Google’s Knowledge Block?

Instagram Gets Third-Party Fact-Checkers

How to Handle a Negative Review

Stat: 82% of Canadians Research and Purchase Online

Get more Page Likes on Facebook!

Stat: 93% of All Web Traffic Comes From Search Engines

Meme: SEO’s Where Y’all Sitting?

Use Twitter’s Advanced Search to Find Leads

Stat: 42% of Google Searches are “No-Click”

Facebook’s Newsfeed Ads are Changing

Awesome Facebook Ad Copy Tips

SMART Act Claims to Prevent Social Media Addiction

Why You Should Check Hashtag Volumes on Instagram

Twitter Announces Arthouse

Instagram Influencer Engagement Rates are Dropping

How to Search Optimize Your Instagram Profile

Google Announces Shoelace

Stat: 84% of Users Will Not Convert if a Website is Not Secure

Are You Posting Content on Your Google My Business Profile?

Instagram Releases New Features to Combat Cyber Bullying

Expand Your Page Content

Should You Optimize Your Content for Voice Search?

How Often Should You Post on Social Media?

How to Create Instagram Story Highlight Covers

Stat: Only 7% of Searcher See The Third Page of Search Results

2019 B2B Marketing Trends

Are You Using The Right Instagram Hashtags?

Chamco Testimonial

June 2019 Google Algorithm Update

Are You Creating The Right Kind of Content for Your Audience?

How Long is the Average Search Query?

Have You Optimized the Images on Your Website?

What Are Your Competitors Doing?

Have You Checked Your Website on Different Browsers?

Have You Checked Your Website on Your Phone?

Respond to Your Reviews!

What Size Should Your LinkedIn Images Be?

What Size Should Your Content on Facebook be?

What Size Should Your Content on Instagram be?

How to Claim Your Google My Business Listing

Hide Your Hashtags on Instagram

How to Fix Your Attention Ratio

5 Steps to Write an Interesting Headline

The Importance of EAT for SEO!

Ask for Reviews

When Should You Post on Social Media?

Are You Asking The Right Kind of Questions?

Get Customer Feedback

The Konstruct Approach to Agile SEO Campaigns.

Three Steps to a Better Conversion Rate

How to Promote Your Blog Posts

Link Capitalization is Bad For Accessibility

Have You Claimed Your Google My Business Listing?

Have You Checked Your Website’s Contact Forms Lately?

Google is Releasing a Voice-Driven Version of Google news

Have You Googled Yourself Lately?

Answer the Phone!

Have You Checked Your N-A-P?